On Thursday 1st Dec 2022, Bro. Trevor Cooke was installed as R.W.M. of Lodge St. Olaf 1188. The installation ceremony was carried out by the brethren of the Lodge and was widely complimented by those in attendance. Bro. Cooke was delighted with the large turnout from many Lodges across the province including the R.W.P.G.M. who was accompanied by a number of members from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East.

left to right;

S.D. Bro Chris Sime

Sec. – P.M. Bro. Mark Dunn

D.M. – P.M. Bro. Bill Murray

P.G.M.A.E – Bro. Douglas Nicol

R.W.M. – Bro. Trevor Cooke

I.P.M. – Bro. Ewan Mackay

P.M. Bro Gordon Mackay

D.P.G.M.A.E – P.M. Bro. Davie Wemyss

I.G. – Bro. Josh McLean

Treas. – Bro. Doug Sheal

Almoner – P.M. Bro. Derek Clark

Office Bearers 2022 – 2023

R.W.M. Trevor Cooke

I.P.M. Ewan Mackay

D.M. Bill Murray P.M.

W.S.W. Gordon Daly P.M.

W.J.W. Sandy Tweddle

Sec. Mark Dunn P.M.

Tres. Doug Sheal

Almoner. Derek Clark P.M.

S.D. Chris Sime

J.D. Richard Parker

I.G. Joshua McLean

Chap. James Connor P.M.