The Cruden Bay City Glitter Band

The Ythan Raft Races were always an enjoyable outing for lodge members and family but the lead-up to the day often provided as much fun and laughter as the event itself. During the lead-up to the event, the lodge would often issue humorous press releases to the Buchanie and the Ellon Times who were always glad to support us in our pre-race hype.

On the year that the Lodge entered as the Cruden bay City Glitter Band, they based their raft on the all to well known 70’s glam rock style of band and in order to spin their story up a bit they sent a letter to Bill Smith the Raft Race organiser requesting that lodge be issued with all the entry numbers between 70 and 79, (rafts normally only get one entry number per raft!

The logic behind this request was to enable the lodges raft to be known as the 70’s raft!

Bill Smith responded to the request with a razor sharp response which still brings a smile to my face every time I read it, click here to see what Bill said!

Result: The Winner of the Most Attractive Raft


Gordon Mackay
Ewan Robertson
Bob Arvel
Malcolm Davies
Ian Hastie
Graeme Barbie
Jim Gardiner
Kenny Spronston
Mark Dunn
Andy Dunn