Slains Castle

1999 Saw the boys from St. Olaf move away from the nautical themes which had been their chosen genre up until now. Their home village of Cruden Bay saw local residents up in arms with a development company who were looking to develop the site formally occupied by the Cruden Bay Brick and Tile Company. The developer, Cairds, was thought to have acquired the rights to build on the site unlawfully and soon found themselves at odds with a formidable force of local villagers who called themselves D.R.A.C.U.L.A. (Determined Residents Against Cairds Unlawful Land Acquisition), Bram Stoker was a regular visitor to Cruden Bay and is said to have been inspired by Slains Castle, perched precariously on the clifftops rising out of the North Sea, became the key reference for Castle Dracula in his Gothic masterpiece.

The Lodge entry this year was made to represent Slains Castle in support of the local campaign.

Result: The Winner of the Most Attractive Raft


Gordon Mackay
Barrie Harper
Jim Conner
Martin Daly
Bill Murray
Brian Smith
Kevin Smith
Gordon Andrews
Jim Gardiner
Jim Taylor