I was recently approached by the widow of a passed brother (Bro. James Mennie at 90 years of age) who had found amongst his belongings his dress apron. There were no family members to pass the apron onto and knowing that I was in the craft, she approached me and asked if I would like it, or if I could find a good home for it.

The apron in question is a beautifully made Lodge Keith apron which was in very good condition; in fact, it looks as if it had hardly been worn. As I am not a member of Lodge Keith I reflected on how best to fulfill the widow’s wishes by finding it a good home and reporting the outcome back to her.

I have over the years known many widows or families to be in the same position finding a passed brother’s apron with no family or friends in the craft (or perhaps more especially in the brother’s Mother Lodge) to pass it onto.

My idea was to donate the apron to the Lodge in question asking that it be presented to the next raised Master Mason and to become his property and responsibility. Along with the apron would be a little postcard with the widow’s name and address so a letter of acknowledgment and gratitude could be sent by the new owner to confirm the satisfactory outcome.

I was delighted this suggestion was so warmly received by the provincial visitation to Lodge St Olaf 1188 on Thursday 1st October, and it was my great pleasure to pass the apron into the care of RWM Bro. Kevin Lamb of the Keith Lodge No.56 in order that he can complete the presentation in due course.

I hope other Lodges and brethren see the value in this idea where a widow can know that her husband’s treasured apron is safely in the hands of another who is charged with the responsibility of wearing it with pride and distinction throughout a new masonic career.

Gordon Mackay RWM Lodge St. Olaf 1188